Starting Out

Kendo classes generally restricted to ages 8 and up. Some exceptions can be made for children under 8 years of age. In these cases an interview is required. Visit class to have an interview regarding your child.

Class fees are paid directly to King County Parks and Recreation and are based on the number of classes in any given quarter. The base rate is $7 per class times the number of classes. The number of classes ranges from 9-14/quarter but 10-11/quarter is typical. Registration can be done at the first class, by mail or by calling King County Parks and Recreation at 206-477-2104. If you contact us we will e-mail you the registration form.

Beginning instruction focuses on etiquette (reigi) and establishing a solid foundation in the basics of footwork and proper cutting technique in Kendo. You do not need to bring any equipment to your first class. Just wear loose fitting clothing appropriate for exercise ( e.g., sweats). At the first class, beginners will need to purchase a wooden practice sword (bokken) and, a few classes later, a bamboo practice sword (shinai). Beginners must also pay additional equipment fees of $20 for a bokken at the first class and $25 for a shinai at the 4th class.

Intermediate Instruction

Students who pursue Kendo training beyond the first few quarters are expected to purchase a set of the clothing traditionally worn by Kendoists, the keikogi (a thick, loose-fitting coat) and hakama (loose, pleated pants). A set of keikogi and hakama for an adult costs approximately $80.

Advanced Instruction

After a few quarters, new students progress to the point where they are ready to wear protective armor (bogu) and begin fencing with their instructors and fellow students. Used armor may be rented through the class at a cost of $36 per quarter. In the long term, serious Kendo students are expected to invest in their own armor. New armor can be purchased through the club at discounts or off the internet. Used armor is also occasionally available for purchase. The kendo clubs will gladly assist in these purchases and should be consulted to save money and obtain high quality equipment.

Federation Membership

All students who wish to go beyond the King County Parks and Recreation programs (basic kendo class) will need to join the regional, national, and international kendo organizations. The membership fees for the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation (PNKF) and the All United States Kendo Federation (AUSKF) are a combined cost of $90/year for adults and $50/year for juniors aged 17 and under. Membership provides access to all PNKF and AUSKF sanctioned events, including seminars, demonstrations, tournaments (taikai), and testing for rank (shinsa).

Further Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page answers many of the basic questions you may have about kendo and the club.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact us here.